When I was growing up I was told it was not polite to “toot one’s own horn.” And I won’t. I’ll let my past clients and students tell you instead.

Author Testimonials

Jonas Saul, Best Selling Author  

I first met Darcy Nybo around 2006. It was in a local tea shop where several writers got together on a monthly basis to review and critique writing. At the time, I was a new writer with a serious goal of being published. When I found this writer’s group, with Darcy heading it, I knew I was in the right place.

After a year of meeting with Darcy, and getting great feedback and some interesting writing assignments, I left the country to live abroad. When I returned to Canada, we reconnected in 2016 where I learned she was teaching creative writing at the local college. Of course she was! Where else would someone end up with all that talent, her understanding of the written word, and how it’s supposed to all go together to form wonderful stories?

That’s Darcy Nybo, a woman who has given a greater part of her life to the craft of writing. She’s someone who is devoted to it and is dedicated to helping other writers, even strangers, achieve their goals. When you find someone with her passion for words, her love of writing, her talent, and her compassion, you keep them close.

*Note: A few years and several million books sold later, Jonas joined Darcy in co-hosting a Writer’s Retreat in Sooke in 2019.

Prof. Ronald Niezen, Author, The Memory Seekers

My writing coach and editor, Darcy Nybo, gave me great advice and guidance through the transition from academic to fiction writing.

Jenna Forrest, Author, Help is On the Way

Darcy helped build the structure of my book during its infancy, demonstrating a sincere passion for Help Is On Its Way. Her talent, support and encouragement were very valuable to me. She offered helpful edits in a thorough and timely fashion. All in all, her service was the exact boost my manuscript needed to graduate from “draft” to “clean copy.” If you are looking for a keen eye mixed with genuine enthusiasm, I think Darcy is your copy editor!”

 Writer and Artist Testimonials

 Jeff Hunkin, Columnist

I learned more in three hours with Darcy, than in three years trying to self-educate myself. I searched online to learn how to expand my internet presence. Darcy instructs with a flair and presence, one that also engages you and gets you involved. She doesn’t just talk to the class, she challenges the class. She has a flair that is lacking in many of today’s instructors that made me sit up and pay attention to the whole picture she was painting. For a guy who walked in wondering why things are they way they are on the internet, I left with a crystal clear picture of the W5 and how it could apply to myself and my writing. Thank you for an interesting, informative and fun course

Jenn Kyllo, Visual Artist and Entrepreneur

Darcy Nybo catches your attention immediately with the way she gets you thinking about the boring way we typically write. Her three-step process in finding your own writing voice (The Art of Words) was extremely helpful and humorous as we went through each “assigned voice” and rewrote our personal statement using different personalities. I highly recommend using Darcy if you are interested at all in improving your web presence through blogs or social media as she helps you find your engaging voice on paper or screen!

Doug Illman, Artist

Professional, witty, enlightening, a natural writer, and one of integrity that focuses on accuracy and credibility. I would support and recommend Darcy in any endeavour!

Business Testimonials

Nancy Cameron, Former CEO, Tourism Kelowna

It takes a special person to turn punctuation, editing, finding voice, writing styles, and grammar (right down to those pesky dangling modifiers) into an enjoyable educational experience. Darcy is that person.

She conducted a series of nine refresher workshops for our staff that challenged, enlightened, and entertained us.  She also took these topics and made them relevant to today’s work environment in an engaging manner.  Effective communication is the backbone of everything we do. Most noteworthy is that Darcy provided us with pertinent knowledge and useful tools to help us continually improve.

Jennifer Daghestani, Former Program Coordinator, Okanagan College

Darcy is as passionate about creative writing as she is about teaching it. Darcy continually adjusts topics, content and hours to ensure participants receive the most up-to-date, engaging material over an appropriate time frame. She received glowing reviews from her students and many signed up for multiple courses in advance.

Lorraine Richmond, Leadership Speaker, Leadership Coach.

As an aspiring blogger, signing up for the blog class by Darcy Nybo was one of my best decisions. Her class was jam-packed full of super-helpful information.  Practical. Easy to understand. Enlightening.  As a result, these courses took years off the learning curve of how to write a successful blog.

Laurel Douglas, Former CEO,  Women’s Enterprise Centre

Several years ago, on a very tight deadline, we asked Darcy Nybo to interview our clients and write short bios and stories of them and their business. Darcy quickly learned our brand and language.  She was easy to work with and always met our very tight deadlines. We have used Darcy numerous times over the years, most recently to be one of the writers and editors for our latest publication, New Pioneers: Stories of 100 BC Women Entrepreneurs.

Because of Darcy’s work with us, we are able to feature our clients on our website and in print programs for various events we stage around the province thereby bringing attention to our clients’ successes and inspiring other women entrepreneurs.

Testimonials from Past Students (sent anonymously to various institutions)

  • I would take any and all courses Darcy teaches! She is a very good instructor. I enjoyed her classes and learned a lot.
  • I didn’t realize how much I’d forgotten about writing until I took one of Darcy’s courses.
  • Darcy reminded me of the different aspects that contribute to my writing and how to understand my own work and how I create it.
  • I loved gaining a new perspective on how much work is needed to publish and self-publish a book.
  • I like how Darcy taught us so many rules about writing, and then showed us how to break them and still create great work!
  • Darcy pushes her students to find their own creative style and got us writing in unfamiliar ways. It expanded my outlook and inspired me!
  • This was my absolutely favourite class. Darcy keeps everyone engaged and you can tell she genuinely enjoys hearing what we worked hard on.
  • In three short weeks, Darcy has helped me become a better writer … three weeks!
  • Darcy packs a lot of information and assignments into her courses. I wish there was more time!
  • I really felt like I was a valued member of the class and that my voice was heard.
  • I love how we participated through writing assignments and feedback.
  • Darcy is a great teacher and very easy to relate to. She manages time, and her students, very well.
  • I love how Darcy makes everyone comfortable enough to share their writing.
  • Darcy held out feet to the flames and held us accountable for getting our assignments done.
  • I really enjoyed getting feedback from Darcy and my fellow students. I wish her classes were longer.
  • Fabulous info in Darcy’s classes. I loved how interactive and engaging the course was.
  • Darcy’s courses are just what neophytes to writing need.
  • Take one of her classes! She’s informative and entertaining. Her enthusiasm for writing and words is contagious!
  • I really enjoyed your classes. I’ve been learning about writing for three years now and yet you managed to remind me of what’s really important.