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Anthology Submissions Wanted

Do you love to write, but only have a little bit of time? Then this post is for you. We are looking for writers of exceptionally short stories for our new anthology, Dribbles, Drabbles and Postcards©.

You want what?

Dribble: a short story of exactly 50 words

Drabble: a short story of exactly 100 words

Postcard: a short story of between 240-250 words.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are the particulars.

The Rules

  • Submit as many as 10 stories. They must be proofread and exactly 50, 100, and between 240 and 250 words (no exact on the postcard). All stories must have a title and the title is not counted in the word count.
  • If stories are not well written they will not be considered. Make sure you have some beta readers go through them before submitting and edit them thoroughly. There will be a team of readers deciding which ones make the cut.
  • Stories must have a twist or a feeling of completion that isn’t given away until the end.
  • Stories must leave the reader satisfied and entertained.
  • No profanity please. We want this to be an all ages book.
  • Stories can be previously published as long as they weren’t monetized.
  • Stories must be submitted by end of July 2022.
  • Release forms will be sent out to all those chosen to be in the anthology.
  • Stories can be in Canadian or American English.
  • Stories can be fiction, creative non-fiction, or non-fiction.


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Photo by Alice Hampson on Unsplash

How to Submit

  • Please submit all your stories at once. If they come in one at a time it will be very hard to sort through them. If you get a brilliant idea after you’ve submitted, send it in by the deadline.
  • Place your name directly below the title of your short story.
  • Submit stories in .doc, .docx, or .txt format. One story per page with a page break in between stories. Please use 1.5 spacing.
  • Stories must be accompanied by a brief bio—under 50 words please. Include any previous work, or personal info, or a website link if you like. The biographies will be published at the back of the book.
  • Any stories submitted after July 31, 2022 will not be considered.
  • You will be notified by email, around the end of August 2022 which stories, if any, will be in the anthology.
  • Submissions are via email only. Click here to email your submissions.

Who Can Submit

Anyone can submit a story, no matter your location on the planet, your age or your hair colour.

Other Things You Need to Know

Submitting doesn’t cost you a thing. This isn’t a contest, it’s a request for submissions. Your stories could be published in this anthology, and your bio is at the back of the book.

Revenue from sales, if any, go to offset the production of the book. Expenses include editing, proofreading, layout, uploading, monitoring of sales and marketing.

Once the book is uploaded to Amazon we will send out a link. We are hoping to be able to get wholesale pricing for all the authors. There will also be copies available in the Okanagan.

Should we get less than 100 stories submitted, we may put off publishing and call for more submissions.

We are aiming at 100 stories (one per page); however, if we get 140 really good stories, we’ll print them!

Any questions? Drop us a line!