Communication is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. Come join us for two, 90 minute workshops on business writing basics. This online course/workshop is designed to help business people critically analyze and create stronger writing.

Writing for a specific audience, in a clear and concise manner, is fast becoming a lost art. People are in a hurry and they write quickly and forget some of the most important parts of message dissemination.

This workshop takes into account many of the changes we see in our world today. It briefly touches on sexism and gender free wording as well as using the correct positive words to convey messages.

You will learn how to streamline the writing process, identify your audience and adapt your writing to that audience. Tips will also be given on how to structure content for optimum results. Three distinct areas will be covered: planning, first draft and editing/final product.


This workshop is designed for novice to intermediate business people who need to streamline their writing process to ensure engagement with their readers. Advanced business writers may be interested to refresh their skills.


Our world is now more fast paced than ever. With this course, participants will be able to streamline their writing and get their message across without being verbose. The ability to connect with readers/clients and pass along relevant information in a short amount of time is more important than ever.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn and understand the three basic steps to improved business writing
  • Identify reader/client types and how to write for any audience, WIIFM (What’s it in for me)
  • How to brainstorm/map out a piece of communication
  • Use the company voice and build credibility
  • Create unbiased, positive messages
  • When to use active and passive voice
  • Create easy to navigate pieces
  • Edit final pieces before sending out

Students asked to submit approximately 300 words of their own business writing to use as examples. All attendees will receive 20 minutes of FREE coaching or editing upon completion of this course!

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Dates and Time:
Fee: $79 for three hours

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