Freelance Writing

freelanceOne of the many hats I wear, is that I am a freelance writer. I love to write for periodicals. The range of topics is endless and the subjects fascinate me.

I enjoy interviewing my subjects and finding out who they are and getting their essence across to the reader. I love putting the words on paper and arranging them so they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. Then it’s time to cut and slash, massage and morph my words, taking out everything that does not contribute to story as a whole.

When I’m done, I package up my work neatly and send it off to my editor who combines it with brilliant headlines, creative graphics and beautiful photographs. The result… I was voted one of the Okanagan’s Top Writers, twice!

Now I spend my time between Victoria and Kelowna writing for some great magazines.

Past magazines I’ve written for include:
Orchard and Vine
Okanagan Life
Okanagan Home
Cottage Life
and so many more!

I’d love to write for you.

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