Camosun Courses – Fall 2018

I can’t believe I neglected my “news blog” for a year! That’s one of the problems with being a writer. You write for everyone else and then, poof, no time for yourself. And that’s okay! It means I’ve been really busy.

So busy in fact that I have too much to put in one post. Here’s hoping I make another post soon, maybe even later today! I’ve travelled all over BC, meeting fantastic people and writing their stories.

Camosun Courses – Fall 2018

I’ve also taught so many great classes at Camosun and now, there are new classes about to start! The Writers’ Toolbox is 90% full – as in one spot left, so if you’re interested sign up now! I had so much fun teaching this last semester and now, I get to do it all over again! We’ve had to cancel the ABC’s of Writing for Children, but I’m hoping to do a course similar to that online shortly.

In the meantime there’s a retreat coming up and lots of other great news!

I’ll write more soon!


Writing Classes in Victoria – Fall 2017

Back to school means more great writing classes for you!

I had such a great time teaching in Kelowna at Okanagan College. Now I’ll be creating some great memories here in Victoria.

Last winter, my first lass at Camosun College was great. It taught me there are just as many amazing and talented new writers here on the island as there were in the Okanagan. It’s been a pleasure learning about my new home, and gathering new resources for my students.

Royal Roads and Camosun Writing Classes

Both Royal Roads and Camosun College have accepted me as a workshop facilitator/instructor for several writing classes. I’m so excited to be teaching at both of these great institutions.

Drop me a line if you have any questions.  Check out the courses I have listed on my sister site, Artistic Warrior.

Have a wonderful autumn!  Keep on writing!

Take writing classes with Darcy Nybo


Physically Moved – Always Here For You

Always Write and Artistic Warrior Have Moved to Victoria!

We felt it was time to move and are now in beautiful Victoria, BC in Canada.

MOVED TO VICTORIAThat doesn’t really mean all that much in this cyber connected world. We still work with clients around the world. We’d love to work with you too!

For those of you who wanted coaching for your book, we’ll still be doing that via telephone, skype, facetime, or whatever other means you find the easiest to work with.

Winter and Spring 2016 Classes

Register Now For Winter and Spring 2016 Classes at Okanagan College!
Okanagan College is offering several courses this fall that I’ll be facilitating. Go to Okanagan College Continuing Studies section of the website (just click this sentence). Then click on Winter or Spring 2016 and choose Kelowna. Then under Instructor – find my name (Nybo, Darcy) and search. Voila!

  • Postcard Short Stories
  • How to Self Publish
  • Your Written Voice
  • How to Write a Media Release
  • How to Interview like a journalist
  • Brevity
  • Get Paid to Write What You Love
  • Write the Story of Your Life
  • Intro to Fab Fiction
  • Creative Writing
  • Fab Fiction
  • ABC’s of Children’s writing
  • and more!

Those are some of the classes/workshops for February to May 2016. Hope to see you there!

Writing classes are available for business, freelance, authors, bloggers and anyone who just wants to write.

For businesses, workshops can be held in your office (minimum of three participants) and are designed to fit your company needs.

Fall 2015 Writing Courses

Okanagan College is offering several courses this fall that I’ll be facilitating.

  • Letter Writing and Correspondence Improvement
  • Creative Writing
  • Write the Story of Your Life
  • Grammar 101
  • Blog, Web & Email Writing
  • Travel Writing
  • Marketing Yourself With Words

Go to Okanagan College Continuing Studies section of the website (just click this sentence)

Click on Fall 2015 – Click on Kelowna and under Instructor – find my name (Nybo, Darcy) and search.

Hope to see you there!

Finalist – Top Writer

Very honoured to be nominated and a finalist again this year.  I want to thank all those who voted for me and all of the readers from all the magazines I write for, for keeping me employed as a full time writer!


Team Publishing

In 2014, Artistic Warrior Publishing moved under the Always Write banner and now offers team publishing! All the expertise of a traditional publishing house at your service. The best thing is – you keep 100% of your royalties and you continue to own your product.

Check them out at Artistic Warrior Publishing.