Hiring a writing coach for one-on-one coaching makes sense. Sometimes your timetable doesn’t work with a class, or you don’t enjoy sharing your work with others. Most people choose a writing coach because they want one-on-one attention. That’s where one-on-one coaching comes in.

What is a Writing Coach?

A writing coach isn’t just there for editing and the technical aspects of writing. Your writing coach will do some edits, but most importantly, he/she/they are there to help you on the emotional journey that writing a novel entails.

A writing coach helps writers dig deeper into their creativity, into their emotions and get them on the page. Work together with your coach to identify fears and goals, and to see if there are places where you self-sabotage. A writing coach highlights your strengths and helps strengthen areas where you may be struggling.

Darcy’s technique as a coach isn’t for everyone. Most often, writers hire her because they like her no-nonsense approach. Yes, she will push you past your comfort zone. Yes, she will challenge you. And yes, she wants you to succeed more than you’ll ever know. And now and then she’ll find a sentence that simply blows her mind, and she will tell you about that too.

If you want someone to be in your corner, not lie to you, push you to do your best and supply you with a vault full of knowledge, then Darcy is the coach for you.

Before You Decide

Before you enter into a contract with Darcy as your writing coach, there are a few things that have to happen first.

  1. Email Darcy and let her know you’re interested. Let us know your genre, and goals for hiring a coach.
  2. Send in about 500 words from somewhere in the middle of your manuscript (MS) or any writing sample. We will do a quick edit on it and send it back to you with edits and notes on how to improve and why certain things were changed.
  3. From there we both decide if we want to work with each other. If we do, that’s great! If we don’t, we can recommend other coaches to you.
  4. Then we sign a contract. Always Write/Artistic Warrior (AW) has a contract for all our coaching and editing clients. It protects the writer and their work, as well as us.

Each package requires a non-refundable retainer. All retainers must be sent via Interac at the time of signing the contract.

  • We do this because we learned the hard way. Many writers will go through the trouble of doing all of this, have one session and then lose their motivation. It’s more motivating when your hard earned cash is non-refundable. You bought it, might as well use it.
  • Plus, we value our time. When we book space for you and you don’t show up or send in MS samples, that takes up space another client could have used.

Once the contract is signed, the fun begins. We have two options for you to choose from.

Basic Writing Coach Package

Our basic package starts at $600 (5.5 hours) This is paid up front as a non-refundable retainer. It includes:

  • A half hour initial meet (after we agree to work with each other) to find out more about you, your project, your goals and hoped-for outcomes.
  • Four, half hour editing blocks where your coach goes through parts of your manuscripts (MS.) This is to find your most common errors and habits. The coach also looks at assignments (if any) that you’ve done.
  • Each edit session is followed up with an email of the edited version and a half hour Zoom or phone meeting.
  • Coaching comprises whatever you need, whether it be emotional support, hard facts, information or help with writers’ block.
  • When your retainer is used up, you may opt to continue at an hourly rate equivalent to what you signed up for. In this case, $110/hour. At that point, you will be billed either monthly or bi-weekly, depending on the time spent on the coaching/editing sessions.

lap top, note that says meet with my coach

Twelve Tutoring Hours

Twelve guaranteed hours of support/editing/coaching/critique and nagging for one low price!

Great Savings

Twelve hours of one-on-one private coaching usually runs around $1440. We’ve added in a generous discount for those who purchase the full 12 hours. Your cost is $1200 for the full 12 hours of mentoring/coaching. (plus GST)

This package requires a 50% (non-refundable) retainer and a contract.

What you get:

You can get whatever you want. Seriously though, most writers want a mixture of personalized coaching, editing, critique, writing technique suggestions and general feedback. Some want more technical information about self publishing and/or getting on Amazon/Kobo, etc. We even do layout and uploads to Amazon and Kobo if that’s what you require. Or maybe you just need to be shown how. We do that too.

With over 30 years in the writing industry, you’ll be hiring a coach with a boatload of knowledge and experience. Whatever you decide, you’ll get hours of personalized attention for you and your manuscript.

Before You Decide

We prefer to speak to you before you sign up our one-on-one coaching. We know you have questions and we are here to answer them.

Please email us and we’ll set up a phone or Zoom call to discuss your needs.  We can also supply you with references from past clients.

Once you’re ready to publish, make sure you contact Artistic Warrior for team publishing at its finest.