Let’s face it, being an author is not an easy task. At Always Write we have an entire package of services to offer aspiring and known authors.In today’s economic climate it’s even harder to get published through an agency or a publisher. At Always Write we let you concentrate on what you do best, while we look after the rest of what goes along with the writing business.

Whether you are looking for a full critique, copy editing, or a list of agents and publishers to send your work to; we can do that for you. We’ve done biographies for families and ghost writing for those who know what they want to say – but just don’t know how to say it.

Darcy is also the owner of Artistic Warrior Publishing, a small but mighty publishing house that focuses on Canadian authors.  Artistic Warrior is a TEAM publishing house, in that we have everything you need to get your book to press Рand in the end Рyou keep all the royalties!

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