One of the many hats Darcy wears, is that of a freelance writer. She loves telling people’s stories for periodicals. The range of topics is endless and the subjects fascinate her.

She enjoys interviewing people and finding out who they are and getting their essence across to the reader. Darcy loves to put words on paper and arrange them so they fit together like a beautiful jigsaw puzzle. Then it’s time to cut and slash, massage and morph, then take out everything that does not contribute to the story as a whole.

When she’s done, she sends it off to the editor who combines it with brilliant headlines, creative graphics and beautiful photographs

A little horn tooting here. Darcy was voted one of the Okanagan’s Top Writers, twice!

Been There, Ate That!


Darcy has lived in the Okanagan, the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island over the past 30 years.  She writes for great local, provincial, national and  international clients. She loves doing travel writing and has a great deal of experience with stories for tourism organizations as well as in-flight and lifestyle magazines.

She’s very familiar with EQ writing for travel guides, travel magazines, and travel blogs. She’s travelled to amazing places like Haida Gwaii, scoured the Lower Mainland and visited friendly towns like Trail, BC, all for a good story. Arts, culture, technology, food, it’s all part of the stable of work she’s produced over the years. Over 1,000 articles later, she still loves taking a road trip for a great story.


Over her career Darcy has been blessed to have several food columns over the years both with online and print magazines. Want to know where to get great sushi, she knows. What about the best vegan food? Yep, she’s got a good handle on where those places are. If you’re looking for a talented and passionate food/restaurant writer, she’s your gal!

General Freelance

Darcy writes for various publications under her name and under pen names, across the country and around the world. She loves writing about gorgeous homes, talented people, unique places to go and things to see. Darcy also loves writing about creative and artistic folk, and has come to realize scientists are super creative! She is currently the editor for BC Wine Trails. As a wine lover, this position is a perfect fit for her.

Here is a partial list of magazines and periodicals where you can find Darcy’s words.

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Notebook and computer. Freelance Writer
Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash