Winter and Spring 2016 Classes

Register Now For Winter and Spring 2016 Classes at Okanagan College!
Okanagan College is offering several courses this fall that I’ll be facilitating. Go to Okanagan College Continuing Studies section of the website (just click this sentence). Then click on Winter or Spring 2016 and choose Kelowna. Then under Instructor – find my name (Nybo, Darcy) and search. Voila!

  • Postcard Short Stories
  • How to Self Publish
  • Your Written Voice
  • How to Write a Media Release
  • How to Interview like a journalist
  • Brevity
  • Get Paid to Write What You Love
  • Write the Story of Your Life
  • Intro to Fab Fiction
  • Creative Writing
  • Fab Fiction
  • ABC’s of Children’s writing
  • and more!

Those are some of the classes/workshops for February to May 2016. Hope to see you there!

Writing classes are available for business, freelance, authors, bloggers and anyone who just wants to write.

For businesses, workshops can be held in your office (minimum of three participants) and are designed to fit your company needs.