Jonas Saul - Rebooting Your Muse Writers Retreat, Sooke Harbour, Always Write

JONAS SAUL – Bestselling Author

Jonas will be leading some of the retreat workshops and seminars as well as being on hand for Q & A.

Jonas Saul is the bestselling author of the Sarah Roberts Series and has written and published over thirty thrillers. After selling more than two million books, he signed with the Gandolfo Helin & Fountain Literary and Dramatic Rights Management.

His recent releases are, THE FUTURE IS WRITTEN, published by pioneering media company Adaptive Studios, and THE IMMORTAL GENE, published by Vesuvian Books.

Saul has traveled extensively throughout the world to scout settings for his thrillers, spending several years between Greece, Italy, Denmark, and Hungary. He is regularly invited to be a guest speaker, teacher, or workshop presenter at international writing conferences.

“Sarah Roberts is one in a million. If you’re her friend, she’ll crawl through Hell to protect you. If you’re her enemy, she’ll send you there.” – Reviewer

The Immortal Gene, published by Vesuvian Books, was signed by Boilermaker Entertainment in Hollywood. Boilermaker is owned by Phil and Louis. Louis Milito is the director of such shows as Lucifer, CSI, and Gotham. Boilermaker recently signed with ArcLight Studios to take on four projects that Boilermaker owns (one being Immortal Gene), and produce them. More to follow as the rest is locked under an NDA.

Lastly, The Future Is Written was signed by Adaptive Studios in Hollywood to be made into a TV Series. A show-runner, producer, and director have been attached. They’re in the final stages of attaching talent before it goes to pre-production. Lastly, the publisher of The Future Is Written recently ordered the second book in the series.

Darcy Nybo, Always Write

DARCY NYBO – Author, Writing Instructor, Editor

Darcy Nybo developed a love for writing in Grade 2. She put together her first book by cutting out pictures and pasting them into a notebook and adding her own words. You could say it was her first attempt at being a published author. Later that year she wrote her first short story, about a boy, a wagon and turnips. She got an A. She believes her writing has improved somewhat since then.

Today, Darcy has won several awards for her writing both locally and internationally. She was voted as one of the the best freelance writers in her area for three years running. She is a sought after freelance journalist, magazine and book editor, writing instructor, book publisher, and marketing maven.

Darcy combines her natural ability as an instructor with her writing knowledge and teaches writing and self-publishing at the local college. She’s in the process of creating online courses for the increasing number of students who ask for them.

Darcy has two businesses, both related to the writing world. Always Write (  and Artistic Warrior (  a division of Always Write that is a hybrid/team publishing company that assists authors in all processes of the publishing process.

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