Fall Writing Courses, UVic 2023

Yes, it’s that time again. Time for me to share a preview of upcoming writing courses online through Continuing Studies at the University of Victoria.

They aren’t listed online yet, but have a look at the schedule and see if there’s anything that appeals and mark it on your calendar to sign up in August 2023! We have two repeat classes, editing your own work and fabulous fiction.

There are also two new classes, to help you get where you want to be as a writer.

Writers' Boot Camp image

Writers’ Boot Camp

We have two new classes this year. The first one is a writers’ boot camp. This program will be somewhat intense, every Saturday morning for two hours. Immerse yourself in the novel writing experience with this seven-session boot camp. Connect with fellow writers and get writing. Ideas, summaries, plot outlines, timelines, and character sketches can be overwhelming. Learn the easy way to sum it all up. You’ll learn how to create flow in your plot and where to put your climaxes and tension. You’ll also learn where to place conflict and curiosity to create a great pace for your novel.

In the final classes, you’ll learn about self-editing tools as well as learn the types of edits and when to hire an editor and proofreader. There is also a session on finding agents and/or publishers and self-publishing options. This is a fast-paced class so weekly assignments should be completed before the next class. Sharing is encouraged but not mandatory.

Attendees should come away with a better understanding of what their novel will look like, what they need to finish it, and a basic understanding of editors, proofreaders, agents, and publishers.

Maximum of fifteen attendees. This workshop is good for all genres, and both fiction and non-fiction writing, including memoirs and anthologies.

Query Letters, Bios and Synopsis

Once your manuscript is complete, (edited and proofread) it’s time to get the attention of agents and publishers. In this course, you’ll learn about what agents/publishers are looking for in a query letter. But first, you need a solid bio and a good synopsis (both for the back of the book and agents/editors). We may even surprise you with a special guest.  Four classes to get you from frazzled to fabulous when talking about your book!

Don’t miss out. Remember to sign up in August. 

Courses offered by Darcy Nybo through Continuing Studies at UVIc Fall 2023