Online Classes Now Available

Well it’s been quite the year so far, hasn’t it. While I was happily writing and teaching away, the world changed. I could no longer go to community centres or colleges to teach writing. Social distancing and online meetings became the norm.

My Camosun classes had to be quickly shifted to online. After a few classes through Zoom, I realized it would make life a lot easier for a lot of people if I brought the classes to you, instead of you coming to me.

To that end, I am holding online classes through Zoom. You can download the app at Please check all your setting at least a day before class starts.

How it Works

When you decide to take an online course, click the buy now button which will take you to PayPal. Once your payment has been received, they send me an email with your contact information. I will send you your class notes, as well as an invitation to log into Zoom at the allotted time.

Check out our online classes page and send us an email if there’s a particular class you’d like to see offered.

Stay safe everyone!