Twenty Writing Courses Now Available

We may be social distancing, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop learning. My regular venues are no longer holding in-person classes, so I’ve moved all my writing courses online. Some business, some fiction, and all full of information and a little fun thrown in for good measure.

At the moment, I have twenty classes ready to roll out. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your writers’ groups, tell anyone who may benefit.

Take these writing courses on their own or group them together for a fuller learning experience


  1. Market Your Book in 2020: A guide to improving sales during a pandemic
  2. Discover Your Written Voice: Great for fiction/non-fiction and businesses writers
  3. Writing for an Online Audience: Learn how online reading differs from print and how to reach your audience.
  4. Grammar Refresher: It sounds boring, but it’s actually interesting and fun. Don’t believe me? Sign up and see!
  5. Punctuation Refresher: You know the rules, and this course will help you remember them. Lots of rules with a bit of fun thrown in to make this course palatable.
  6. Editing 101: Editing basics and how to make your work read better.
  7. Brevity: Say more with fewer words *yes fewer, not less* Fun class where you see how much you can delete/reword without losing the initial meaning.
  8. Creating Value Added Books for Business: You know so much, now it’s time to share it with your clients. Giving more than expected helps cement your business relationships.
  9. Writing as a Business: deduct it, write it off and pay attention to those taxes. If your goal is to become a published author, start off right by treating your writing as a business.
  10. Procrastination Busters: Delaying, finding other things to do, writer’s block, it’s all procrastination. Learn how to beat blank page syndrome.
  11. Fabulous Fiction: Three part course on how to write great fiction from short stories to novels. Also a section on where to enter those great creations.
  12. Edit Your Own Work: Two hours of interactive fun with your samples being edited. Know the questions to ask and how to clean up your manuscript.
  13. Get Your Book Editor-Ready: This two part course will teach you how to do some of your own edits and when to know your manuscript is ready for a professional edit. Lots of tips and advice for making the most of your words.
  14. Write Picture Books for Children: From one word to 30 words per page, learn how to create a childhood favourite book that entertains and educates.
  15. Mystery/Thriller/Crime Writing Basics: Learn how to crank up tension, drop false and real clues and keep your reader guessing page after page.
  16. Sci-Fi / Fantasy Writing Basics: Take your fabulous ideas and create page turning stories in your favourite genres.
  17. Creating and Keeping Flow in Your Work: Whether you write free-fall or are an organized guru, this course will help you keep the flow going and keep your readers reading.
  18. Creating Believable Dialogue/Romancing the Keyboard: This two part course gets writers to the point where they can create believable dialogue in any genre; however, this course does focus on romance writing as it is the biggest market out there.
  19. Self-Publishing: The pros, the cons, and lots in between. Learn how the industry works, and how to create a book that others want to read. Some business tips as well.
  20. Setting up Your Amazon KDP and Author Central Accounts: Shared screen takes you step by step through the process of setting up your account with KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), how to read reports, how to offer discounts and freebees, as well as setting up your author account and linking it to your books.
Typewriter, paper and flowers for Fall 2020 Writing Coures

Don’t see what you want to learn? Email me and we may create a course to suit your needs.

Customized business writing courses are available upon request.